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reading: middlesex by jeffrey eugenides.

this whole dance rock thing is out of control. i saw the futureheads last night and they were amazing, but the first band just seemed like another dance rock talking heads wannabe band. i think it's cool that people are finally starting to appreciate the music that came out of the eighties (well, some of it at least; let's try and forget that whole hair band thing), but this is nuts. yes, some of the bands are amazing, but it seems that nowadays the only new bands to come out are of the dance rock genre. and people are buying into it. man, it really is crazy how popular this is becoming. last year i would have never thought a band like the futureheads could sell out a show. whatever, i can't say that i don't enjoy a lot of it.

staying on the subject of music, i'm feeling very creative all of the sudden, but i have no output. maybe creative isn't the right word - i just have this longing to do something musically but i can't seem to find anyone who has a similar taste of music and plays an instrument as well out here in boston. maybe i'm not looking hard enough. but i really want to be in a band again. i love that rush of performing, i love the camraderie you gain from being in a band, and it makes me feel productive, especially when i hear my band come up on shuffle. i went to a party last week and there was a band jamming and i asked the bass player if i could play and so i did. it was awesome. that little event just got me thinking and wanting and wishing and such.

these past couple of weeks have been a blur and suddenly i'll be back home in less than a week. i love it. i'm totally ready for summer though, and it seems so far away. hopefully the next nine(?) weeks will go by as fast as the last couple weeks have.

although, i don't know, maybe i don't want the weeks to go by that fast though. i'm really enjoying myself here. it seems that i've finally found a group of people that i really enjoy being around, that like the same music and have the same sense of humor, that get together to make fun of american idol, that can't go eat in the dining hall unless there are ten of us, and that are overall awesome. i can't wait for summer, but i don't necessarily want to leave these kids all so quickly.
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