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reading: a clockwork orange by anthony burgess.

i finally finished that goddamn book. took more than a month. hopefully i can get back on track with my reading and finish a clockwork orange this week. let's see what happens.

it's already april, and i don't know about you guys but i am pretty damn excited for april this year. the weather is getting warmer, summer is approaching quickly - everything is just headed up. i get to find out where i'm living this month, i register for classes next semester this month, there's a shitload of shows i'm going to this month - basically april will be awesome.

i think i've realized that no matter how much i do to increase my karma, things are way out of my hands. that show will always be sold out (*shakes fist at axis*), that girl will always go out with the other guy. it doesn't matter what good deeds you do, things happen for no reason at all. i used to believe in that whole karma thing, but i don't think i do anymore.

today marks the debut of the royal donuts. izaak and i are pretty damn excited, and you should be too. so go check it out, losers.

i can always count on bowling to make me happy.
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