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reading: ask the dust by john fante.

"5/25/05 4:05 A.M.

It took a little long to find this pen I'm currently writing with. In fact, much deliberation went into whether or not to use a pen or pencil - in the end I chose pen. Uneraseable, in most cases.

Anyway, this here writing begins and ends two separate reigns or eras or periods or something. 3 years of an online journal comes to an end with these words and who knows how long this will last. I really hope I don't discontinue this too soon - I feel like this will be good for me.

I feel like I'm writing differently - more thought-enduced, er... on the go rather, than thought out (pre-meditated is better) to impress my avid reader population. I also realized that using a composition notebook (although I'm pissed I could only find wide-ruled) is a subconcious (never could spell that word right) tribute to Kevin Spacey and his character in Se7en. And I thought I was just being funny by making fun of emo-fucks.

I really wish I could write more for this momentous first entry, especially since I feel like I have a lot on my mind, but that's what this journal enables - me to write (almost) whenever I feel like it/can. No more html to figure out in the process that makes (made) me shy away from writing a lot online. The point of this was I'm tired. Goodnight."

and with that i end my online journal. i'll still keep this website up as a possibility i may end up writing here again, but don't plan on it. i also wouldn't want to delete almost three years' worth of emotions and events and etc. i will still probably write in my livejournal as a means to announce shows/parties/random articles/whatever else, but as for actual entries: no more.
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