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reading: we by yevgeny zamyatin.

this is the procrastination of brandon matthew silverman.

a lot of talking and figuring things out and moping around and emo away messages have led me to the conclusion that i let my emotions lean way to much on what i think a certain girl thinks about me. i can't really think of a situation where this moping about actually did anything for me - the only times i've ever accomplished things with girls are when i've just gone for it. i don't know why this has taken so long for me to realize.

i finally got a digital camera, so hopefully i will be taking a lot of pictures and posting them for everyone to see. i need to start getting back in the habit of taking my camera wherever i go. i enjoy photography a lot; it's amazing that i lasted this long without a working one.

on saturday i built the new neuchatel website, starting at two in the afternoon and finishing roughly around eight in the evening, with a dinner break in between. probably the quickest website i've ever thrown together. i really don't know what to think about it, it's sorta different from anything i've ever done, but i'm not really sure if i'm proud of it or not. whatever - i think the main reason was to get my mind off of shit. anyway, enjoy it, or else.

i have $7.77 left in my checking account. too bad seven isn't my lucky number.
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