brandon "i deleted the duck" silverman (hellacheez42) wrote,
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reading: women by charles bukowski.

i listened to hardcore all day to get all manly for the super fucking bowl. and it was a disappointment. not only was it boring, but the patriots won. i know, i know, i live in boston, i should like the patriots. well, fuck you. i will never like the patriots as long as tom brady is on their team. ok, that's the end of my sports talk.

my job is ending this week, but at least i still have a $180 check coming my way. but this means i need another job. i'm actually seriously considering blockbuster again. i can make it work. maybe.

ok really, i was thinking about this entry most of the day, and i totally forgot everything witty and funny and worthwhile and interesting that i wanted to say. i don't know what's wrong with me.

i've been in a really good mood lately and i'm not sure why. i tell people i'm happy but have no reason for it. i think that's the best kind of happy. it sure is a good upturn from last weekend's crapfest.

i think fate is taunting me. actually, i sort of hope that fate is taunting me.
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