brandon "i deleted the duck" silverman (hellacheez42) wrote,
brandon "i deleted the duck" silverman

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reading: middlesex by jeffrey eugenides.

i've lost all motivation in everything. i don't want to do work anymore. i'm not even reading. i haven't even fully unpacked yet. spring break was a horrible idea - all it did was remind me of how awesome last summer was and gave me a taste of the prospective awesomness of this summer. i'm already checked out. i'm ready for summer. i already have my ticket home (and a ticket to jimmy eat world). but i still have two essays, two midterms, and three finals left, as well as other things that i probably should do but most likely will never even attempt. blah, someone give me something to look forward to that's closer than summer.

almost everything about western europe is better than the united states.

caffeine makes me all jittery and makes my stomach feel like crap. but i can't stay awake in class without it. my life has come down to either feeling like shit physically or feeling like shit mentally.

sometimes i just want to drop out of college, learn guitar, and become ted leo.
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