brandon "i deleted the duck" silverman (hellacheez42) wrote,
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reading: the motorcycle diaries by ernesto che guevara.

i'm sorry guys. i really don't know what has come over me, but this journal is feeling more and more like an obligation than an outlet. i can't seem to express myself clearly, and at times i don't even feel like expressing myself. my thoughts are too jumbled nowadays to understand if i write them down, or maybe i'm just too stressed with maintaining my 3.0 so i can keep my scholarship. damn college is hard. either way, i might just stop writing in this thing altogether. i'm not really sure. i guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

i have a few things to look forward to: passover in connecticut, dane cook, q and not u, caribou, sting. and then, bam! i'm home. time never ceases to baffle me. i can't believe that i am this close to being done with my first year at college. so many experiences, so many cool people met, so much learned in a flash.

i have seen twelve different girls wearing moccasins since i started counting two weeks ago. i smell a new fad.

another goal for this summer: a girlfriend. i think it's about time for me to experience a relationship, and i think that this summer is the perfect time to do it. the only tough part would be the end, having to say goodbye, but, any takers? i'm totally serious.
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